FMRP Exam Tips

Must know these well!

FMRP Examination Tips

Including Chapter A, there are altogether 13 chapters in the study guide. Important chapters with the heaviest weightage are:

Chapter I: Ethics and Behavioral Standards – about 15 questions

Chapter III: General Dealing Principles and Market Conduct – about 15 questions

Chapter VII: Debt Securities Dealing Practices (Dealing in SGS) – about 15 questions

Chapter XII: Benchmark Rate Setting – about 15 questions


The other heavy weightage chapters include:

Chapter II: Risk Management Principal – about 10%

Chapter VI: FX & Non-Deliverable Forwards Dealing Practices – about 10%

Chapter IX: OTC Derivatives Dealing Practices – about 10%


Chapter IV, Chapter V and Chapter VII – each chapter not more than 5 questions

Chapter A, Chapter X and Chapter XI only 1 to 2 question per chapter.