Financial Markets Regulatory Practices (FMRP)

What Is FMRP


On 28th June 2012, the Singapore Foreign Exchange Market Committee (“SFEMC”) announced the introduction of a professional certification program for all dealers and brokers engaged in wholesale dealing of OTC foreign exchange, money market instruments and derivative products in Singapore.

The Financial Markets Regulatory & Practices (FMRP) Certificate program is an industry initiative aimed at upholding a high standard of professional competency and ethical conduct in Singapore’s OTC financial markets.

What is the structure of

FMRP Examination Format & Outline

A computer-based examination, the FMRP examination consists of 100 multiple-choice-questions; time given is 2 hours and the passing mark is 75%. Your result sheet will be given to you as soon as you finish your examination. Calculator is not required as there will be no calculation questions.

Enrollment of the examination can only be done through Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF). For full details please visit IBF official website