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Tutorial & Mock Examination Questions Pack


If you do not wish to engage my training services, I am offering my full sets of tutorial and mock examination questions pack at a very reasonable price. This arrangement includes:

4 weeks unlimited online attempts of my full sets of tutorial and mock examination questions plus you may contact me direct through my mobile phone.

The mock examination questions are set out in two different arrangements:

Tutorial Question Set: Order of questions are arranged correspondingly to the chapter order of the IBF study guide.

Mock Exam Practice: Time limits and number of question are set to follow the actual examinations. Questions are randomly generated, every set of examination question will be different from one another.

I can assure you that by repeated practicing, it will put you in a significant advantage in understanding the topics and passing the examination with confidence. I strive to always keep my questions aligned to all changes in the syllabus and up to date.

The tutorial and mock examination questions were last reviewed in February 2018.

Important Note:

After your successful payment to my question pack, an email confirmation with my mobile number will be send to you. You are encouraged to call/text me should you come across any problems while working on my mock examination questions and I will respond to you as soon as I am able.

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Tutorial Plus Mock Examination Questions

Paper 1

137 Questions with 7 case studies

Paper 2

164 Questions with 25 case studies